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What is Stand Up Paddleboard?

What is Stand Up Paddleboard?
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The SUP originated from the Hawaiian beach boys sometime in the 1950's. They would stand up on their old thick surfboards, paddling it with a canoe paddle in order to take pictures of the tourists that they were teaching to surf.

Sometime around 2000 the professional surfers started making larger boards and paddled them standing up. These boards, used for training and to kill time between the good surf swells, became known as Standup Paddleboards and the SUP type surfboard evolved into a water sport that almost everyone could enjoy.

SUPs are a type of surfboard that all new and old surfers can enjoy.

The SUP is typically over 10' 0" in length, averaging 30" wide, and 4-6" thick. Recreational SUP type surfboards normally range from 10' 0" to 12' 0" in length which are sufficient sizes to support most adult surfers or paddlers. The SUP is a type surfboard that is a big platform, which allows a paddler/surfer the stability needed to stand up on the board and paddle with a custom sized paddle to move the board from point A to point B.

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How to Choose Stand up Paddle Board?

How to Choose Stand up Paddle Board?
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Stand up paddle boards have been in fashion for a long time now and no matter how much of a fitness freak you are, SUPs will always have something for you. Whether you are into yoga, or simply want to get a paddle workout, there’s a board for each occasion. But when faced with the task of choosing a board from such variety, people often struggle to make the right pick. We’ve come up a simple guide that describes different types of SUPs in detail so that you’ll know exactly what to grab on your next shopping trip.

Construction of SUPs

Based on construction, there are two types of SUPs:

Inflatable SUP - Inflatable SUPs usually have PVC exteriors in order to form an air core. As with all things inflatable, inflatable SUPs come with a pump that you can use to push in the air. If you’re someone who travels a lot, inflatable SUPs are ideal for you as they can easily be deflated and folded into the trunk of your car. Moreover, they are ideal to be carried by hand.

Solid SUP - Made out of foam cores and fiberglass, the solid SUPs were the original variants to come into the market. They are rigid and more stable than their inflatable counterparts, making them perfect for longer cruises and riding waves. If you have the space to store them, then they are a must buy.

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A Beginner's Guide to Using Stand Up Paddle

A Beginner's Guide to Using Stand Up Paddle
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Powered by the paddler, stand-up paddling, abbreviated as SUP, is an excellent cardio workout that and a wonderful stress reliever. SUP’s most stated health benefit is the improvement to a person’s core. Featuring an easy learning curve, sup is a fantastic way of improving overall fitness, irrespective of what shape you currently are in now. If you are fascinated by this ever-growing sport, here is a beginner’s guide on how to use a stand up paddle board.

How to Stand Up On Your SUP

If this is your first attempt at this sport, the best thing is to start out in calm, flat waters that don’t have obstacles like buoys and boats.

When starting out, you may find that it’s easier to kneel rather than stand upright. Below are steps for getting started:

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